From the UK to Queen’s: Why you should go on exchange

Back in August, I packed my life into a 23 kg suitcase, heading to a country I’d never visited before.

After a lengthy application process and months of planning, I travelled over three thousand miles to start my exchange year abroad at Queen’s, from the University of Warwick in England. Now, with just over two weeks until my exchange year abroad is completed, I’m wishing I could do it all over again.

Here’s why you should take the jump and do it too.

As an avid traveller, the prospect of liv

From beach to the bar and everything in between!

One of the key features we love about our swimwear is that the pieces can be dressed up or down. Head to the beach, the gym or the bar. We love to see how you wear them.

Half Baked swim pieces are designed so that you can take your outfit to the next level with minimal effort and maximum versatility.

The styling opportunities are endless with the classic shaped Sylwia Suit. With its seamless finish, low back and spaghetti straps, this suit can be styled and layered across the seasons.

Turn he

Why Your Body Is Already Summer Ready

The terms ‘beach-body’ and ‘summer-body’ have been thrown around for many decades, but the consequence of such phrases has a lasting impact. They imply that our bodies must fit some sort of criteria to be deemed ‘ready’ for summer. This is restrictive and imposing - you might internalise these terms and begin to change your diet or exercise routine out of shame, not because you genuinely want to. The lead up to summer can therefore begin to feel anything but exciting. Instead you might feel drea

Microtrends: the tiny fashion trends with big consequences

The acceleration of fashion production in modern society, coupled with the influence of social media, has meant that trends are being pumped out at record speed. Items of clothing such as House of Sunny’s Hockney dress, crochet clothing or colourful plastic accessories are all examples of trends that have surged in popularity throughout the year. As these fast trends, coined microtrends, continue to dominate, it becomes easy to become swept up into their allure and the on-the-nose marketing camp